Saturday, August 30, 2014

Make you own After Effect Plug in

Creating a plug-in After Effects is not an easy thing but not too difficult case. because what in the world that can not dilakuin .... Make Plug-in After Effects there are at least three ways, namely with Pixel Bender, Quartz Composer, and After Effects SDK

1 Pixel Bender
Pixel Bender is made by Adobe to help the developer or developers to memanimpulasi
kernel image / image. Using XML language is easy to learn for those of you who never learned about programming, or for those of you who have not been studying programming.
pixel bender technically not actually make "plug-in", but After Effects files fixel bender recognize and enforce the file as an "effect"

Pros: Easy to learn, supports all versions of After effects
Disadvantages: can not access to After effects camera, limited control, each pixel in the load itself

2 Quartz Composer
Pros: Easy to learn, no need to write coding
Disadvantages: only MAC

3 After Effects SDK
Pros: Controls are endless, very nice
Disadvantages: Difficult Learned, should be a lot of exercise and error

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