Saturday, February 8, 2014

drawing in time part 2

we've always been trying to make the pictures move, the idea of animation is aeons older than the movies
or television. here's quick history:

over 35,000 years ago, we were painting animals on cave walls , something drawing four pairs of legs to show motion.

in 1600 BC the egyptian pharaoh rameses II built a temple to the goddess Isis which had 110 columns
Ingeniously ,each column had a painted figure of the goddes in a progressively changed position. to horsemen or charioteers riding past- Isis appeared to move

the ancient greeks sometimes decorated pots with figures in succesive stages of action.
Spinnging the pot would create a sense of motion.

as far as we know , the first attempt to project drawings onto a wall was made in 1640 by 
athonasius kircher with his 'magic lantern'.

Kircher drew each figure on separate pieces of glass which he place in his apparatus and projected
on a wall. then he moved the glass with strings, from above. one of theses showed a sleeping man's head and a mouse.
the man opened and closed his mouth and when his mouth was open the mouse ran in

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