Monday, February 10, 2014

animation it's all about timing and spacing

it's all about timing and spacing

i'll never forget the image of this big norwegian american sitting in the golden twilight,
extending his long arms and spatula hands saying...

animation it;s all in the timing and in the spacing straynge that the americans were the ones to work this out

the bouncing ball says it all.
the old bouncing ball example is often used because it shows so many different aspects of animation.

a ball bounces along, and where is hits - the 'boinks' that;s the timing. the impacts where the ball is hitting the ground that;s the timing of action.
the rhythm of where things happen where the 'accents' or 'beats ' or 'hits' happen. and here;s the spacing

the ball overlaps itself wwhen it's at the slow part of its arc, but when it drops fast, it's spaced further apart. that's the spacing

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