Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Soft modification Tool

Autodesk maya Tool
Soft Modification Tool
With the Soft modification tool, You can manipulate a group of vertices at the same time as a gradual fall-off from the deformer;s center. This tool gives you the feeling of really sculpting in 3D, and is very handy with high resolution models. the following is a short description of how to use this tool

1. Test geometry
 - select Create -->polygon primitives-->plane
 - scale the geometry as desired

2. Soft Modification Tool
You can use the soft modification tool in two simple ways.

- With the plane still selected click on the soft modification Tool icon in the Toolbar.

- With the planestill selected, go to the Animation menu set by pressing F2 and select Deform ---> Soft Modification

Once you use the tool, you should see the deformer's manipulator appear in the view panel on the plane.

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