Sunday, July 7, 2013

Modelling is about blocking part 1

Perhaps one of the most common ways to begin modelling is by blocking the basic shape of the Character starting from a primitive polygonal cube. ang then building up until a decent shape is achieved.

* i assume , you already have 3 image reference , front side, and up in your work in maya
1. Scene File
    - Continue with out own scene file

2. create a polygon cube
    -  Select create ---> polygon Primitives ---> Cube
    - rename pcube1 to humanGeo
   - with the humanGeo selected, set the polycube1's subdivisions tidth to 2 in the channel Box
    - From the front and side views , scale and move the humanGeo to fit the pelvis of the human in the image planes.

3. Start blocking the torso
     you can now begin blocking the human using basic maya tools.
    - with the cube selected,press f11 hotkey to enable the poly face selection mask.
    - select the two faces of the cube,
    - Make sure the polygons ---> Tool options ---> keep new faces together option is turned on
  this option ensures extracted faces are extracted as a group rather than as individual faces . select Edit Plygon --- > extrude face
    - move the extruded faces up
    - move the extruded faces up
    - Continue extruding in order to form the human's torso and head.
make sure to keep the geometry simple at this stage , your goal is only to achieve a good basic shape.

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