Friday, June 28, 2013

Second key modelling concept

--> The second key modelling concept covered here is spacing your geometry uniformly. This will give the most predictable surface possible when  subdividing your creature's geometry. Subdividing can occur not only while modelling, but also when refining subdivision surface, when applying a polySmooth, or when the model is subdivided by the renderer at render time.

The advantage of having uniformly spaced geometry with a higher poly count are far greater than a mesh that has irregularly spaced geometry and less polygons. an evenly spaced geometry will also make the rest of the character pipeline much easier. Texture artists will experience a minimal amount of texture stretching on a surface that has uniform spacing compared to irregularly spaced geometry.
Character set up artists will have an easier time binding the model due to evenly distributed weight values to uniformly spaced geometry compared to geometry with irregularly spaced rows of edges.

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