Friday, June 7, 2013

Preparation before rigging


Preparation before rigging

every creature is unique, as are the needs of each creature you should always ask yourself certain questions: 

  • - What will your creature do in terms of movements throughout the production? -
  • what dose the creature physically resemble?
  • Are there special rigs that need to provided for a few spesific shots? If so , in what way to do they need to be special?
  • Who is animating the creature and  what do these artist like in their rigs?
Once you have answered these qustions, you need to decide what is most important for the creature. Is it the need of an animator of the need of the show? it is up to you (with input from your lead animator). To make that kind of decision and then make the rig as easily animatable as possible for the masses using it

One thing you will always end up doing is looking at real anatomy and wondering how things work and why they move they way to do. To create a succesfull creature rig, it is essential to understand what is happening underneath the skin of living things. FIll your creature reference arsenal with anatomy books in an effort to gather as much information as possible

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