Saturday, June 15, 2013

Make a fake iris refraction 3d

The difficulty of realistic eye refraction done using real bent rays and raytracing in a shading model is not its ability to look real; instead. The problem is that it is near impossible to be previewed by the animator, who is the one setting the exact position of where the eyes will be looking.

The possibility exists to realistically fake the eye refraction directly in the scene, using simple deformers and some vector product nodes. This is possible since the eye is basically a spherical surface, and it is fairly easy to convincingly fake refraction through the tip of a round object such as the eye. Since the eyeball geometry is two separates surfaces, it works by simply using driven blend shapes and sculpt deformers. which are driven from the dot product and angle between the eye to camera vector and some simple weighted vectors that fall in-between. The mirror across the eye vector is also useful for deforming the geometry on the other side of the other side of the eye where it may have some intersection problems with the outer eye surface.

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