Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Key Modelling concept part 1


Before you begin with the creature's topology, there are a few key modelling concepts to keep in mind.
First, you must concentrate on modelling according to muscle flow.

It is suggested to have anatomy books with you for quick referencing, Even if your model is not real, you will most likely be able to extract basic organic concepts to reproduce on your model.

When you model according to your character's muscle flow, your edge loops will help maintain the location of your muscle, which will give a more realistic look when deforming. When modelling organic character, you should first concentrate on laying out the necessary edge loops for the muscles; once you are satisfied with the topology , you can proceed to sculpt the surface with tools like the soft modification toool and the sculpt Geometry tool.
This way, you can concentrate on the aesthetic valus of the sculpture and not worry about technical issues.

Part 2

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