Sunday, June 23, 2013

illumination tutorial in maya

Hello everyone in this tutorial we will make an illumination of a room which illuminated by sunlight coming through a window (usually for kitchens and bedroom)
In this tutorial we will use 2 different kind of lighs.
1. " MR spot light"
2. The photometric 'free area light'
In this tutorial we use "mental ray" as render engine.
Mental ray is very stable render engine and allows to have very realistic renderings.

The first light (mr area "spot light") must be located outside the box (room). and move the target of the spot light through the window
and place it inside the box (room)
lET'S SEE a few settings.
check "shadows on" and select ray traced shadows.
in spot light parameter u have the possibility to make the shadow softer increasing the size (hight,width) of light.

So how we can make more realistic our rendering?..... let's go to the "render scene panel" make sure you use mental ray for render engine
then choose indirect illumination.
Now check the final gather box. put a low number in the samples slot (50) to make a quick test rendering and see the difference. for higher quality you must increase
the number in the samples.

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