Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to set Image Plane

One of the benefits of something time designing your model before beginning in 3D is that you can draw reference images to establish proportions while in default pose. Doing so helps model the character. SInce the poses can be displayed using image planes in the maya viewport.

Following are three reference images that will be used to model the human. Notice that they are proportionate altogether in order to facilitate the modelling while looking through the different Orthographic views.

1. Start a new scene
You will now import the front,side and top reference images as image plane in maya software.
- select file --> new scene.
Do not manipulate any of the cameras.

2.. Importing the image plane.
-in the perspective view select panels ---> saved layouts --> four View.
- In the front view, select View --> image plane --> import image.,

Doing so will open a dialog box to browse for the image plane.

=selectthe image human , and click the open button.

The image plane is shown in the front view
-Repeat the previous steps in import the side and top iamges for their respective cameas.

3. Placing the image plane
Now that you have the image planes in your scene, you will need to plave them correctly in order to be able to start modelling.
- In the front view, seect view--> image plane--> image plane attributes--> imageplane1.
The attribute editor will display the image plane's attributes.
-under theplacement extras section, set center z to -20
- set top view's image plane's center y to -20
- set side view's image plane's center y to -20

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